Fancy Targeting Techniques (and when to use them)

I know Aaron is working on a post for you about Ad Serving and what it’s about, but in the meantime, let’s learn a little bit about the different targeting options you will often have when you advertise online.

For the most part, the biggest options you’ll find concern when and where your ad will appear.

Targeting your ad to a specific time or place can be a very useful tool for creating a successful campaign, but like most things in online advertising — it’s the way that you choose to use it that will determine whether or not it is effective (or worth it).

Geo-targeting: this when your ad is shown only in specific geographic locations.

This kind of targeting is the most intuitive for advertisers to understand. There are many circumstances when it is necessary to use geo-targeting.
• If you have a brick and mortar store with no on-line capabilities.
• If you are promoting a live event in a specific region.
• If you do on-line business and know that most of your customers come from a certain region or country (or you have shipping constraints).

Trap to avoid: over targeting. Many times people get a little too hung up on saying they ONLY want their ad to appear within a certain radius of their physical store because most of their sales happen in person.

Here are some things to think about before you put unnecessary constraints on your ability to generate revenue:

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