Meet the new girl! Introducing Caitlin…

Hey everyone! It’s Caitlin – the “new girl” on the Design*Sponge Ad team. Before I introduce myself, here are some things you might want to know about me:

  1. I love looking at things. Any and all things. The brighter, the better.
  2. I love advertising. My dream dinner party guest list includes Marshall McLuhan, commercial artist era Andy Warhol, Milton Glaser (a long time faculty member at my alma mater School of Visual Arts), Rhoda and quite possibly Jon Hamm from Mad Men just for fun.
  3. I like analysis. I love to take a peek behind the scenes and try to get a glimpse into the hows and whys of just about everything. This makes time management a bit challenging at times but over the years I have becomes skilled in developing priorities based on my criteria du jour.

So when Design*Sponge put the word out about an available Advertising team opportunity I nearly spit my coffee all over my computer. Why? Because I knew all those internet breaks I’d taken with my favorite blog (D*S) along with my day job skills (producing endless spreadsheets of forecast and performance reports) were coming together perfectly for this job. I applied and to my excitement- I got the job!

I have always been lucky enough to work with quality innovative content.  From Bloomberg Business News where I began my career as a Production Manager to The Charlie Rose Show where I directed some amazing shows, it was all about providing a great user experience at the end of the day.  When I decided it was time to seek greener pastures (literally), I packed my bags after 17 years in NYC and moved back to my hometown, the oldest town in West Virginia – Shepherdstown.  I combined my loves and skill sets and opened a vintage clothing and housewares boutique and grew a successful small business that got some great national press.  And after a few years, I felt myself yearning to advise people on more than the most outrageous maxi for a summer outdoor festival or the  best vintage tea set to impress the European in-laws.  I wanted to be back in the analysis game, back to providing information that supported growth so I accepted a position within the digital team at a fair sized local newspaper and set about bringing the advertising team up to speed on digital marketing and products.  Not only was I re-educating print people on then web 2.0, I was back to advising on online campaign strategies, digital opportunities and product arrays, I was down and dirty is the set-up, operation and scheduling with the ad server, email marketing platform and running their social media presence. It felt good to be back.

Three years later, D*S entered my life professionally and well, I couldn’t be happier.  It is awesome to use the skills I use everyday but to do it for a site and community of readers and advertisers I have had a long relationship with.  And looking at ad stats for gorgeous handmade items or top design industry products is a welcome task in my world!
Our goal on the D*S Advertising team is to best serve our readers and to best serve our advertisers. It is really that simple. So we love questions and really desire to achieve the best outcome for the ads we have on our site because it is a real indicator that we are serving our readers also.

The name of this blog “Building a Better Advertiser” truly expresses our goal because we’d love our advertisers to soak up what we know about our site and readers. When that happens, our advertisers are working with the best information to create an ad experience for our readers that they’ll love and respond to. And that really is a better advertiser.

That’s my introduction to me and why I feel so at home here on the Advertising team at Design*Sponge. I look forward to working with all you you very soon.  And stay tuned to this blog for my upcoming series called Advertising Mysteries Solved – FAQ Answered Right Here, Right Now.  Here is a sneak peek at the topics we’ll cover:  Dollars and Sense:  How to best spend your marketing dollars at D*S,Size versus Positioning:  Is bigger really better?, and Converting Your Clicks Into Sales:  3 tips to get you started.

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